The Secret Nuclear Bunker Ghost Hunt £55

The bunker leaves us fascinated as to the amount of activity we witness there & that’s why we keep going back. Join us for a night investigating this unique & unusual location only for the brave!

The bunker has featured on many paranormal programmes over the years & has become a well-known location for paranormal activity.

We love investigating the bunker & over the years we have had some unusual activity.

The bunker has had a few uses over the years since being built in the 1950’s on land owned by J.A Parrish. The first was as an RAF ROTOR station, followed by in the 1960’s briefly being used as a civil defence station then finally being used as regional government headquarters. It had space for up to 600 civilian & military personnel in the event of a nuclear attack, this included the bunks still used for events pre COVID for the guests who were brave enough to spend the night. We can assure you they were sleepless nights & I am sure you will agree when we spend time investigating the dormitories!

The bunker was eventually decommissioned in 1992 as it was costing over £3 million per year to run & the Cold war had settled down so there was no need to have the facility on standby.

Many reports of paranormal activity over the years are surprising due to the bunker never actually being required for war but it is thought that the activity is related to the land & the building of the bunker. It has been reported that the foreman working on building the bunker went missing one night when filling in concrete. Could he be responsible for some of the activity?

The whole feel of the bunker needs to be experienced to be believed and as it is so far underground, it can feel quite disorientating when leaving the next morning in the early hours.

It really is a one of a kind location & not to be missed!

Our Kelvedon Hatch Ghost Hunt includes:

  • Mediumship walkround – who haunts tonight?
  • Use of Ghost Hunting Equipment
  • Psychic Experiments including seances and glass divination
  • Ghost Hunting Vigils – in the pitch black!
  • the opportunity to buy Hot Drinks and Snacks
  • Expert advice and discussion about the paranormal
  • Your chance to ghost hunt in a haunted location whilst closed to the public!

We are unable to offer the sleepover option on this event.

Please note: Over 18s only – no pregnant women allowed and attendees must be reasonably fit. There are lift facilities at the bunker. Parking is available onsite. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions


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