booknow Is this London’s most haunted location? This is one of our favourite locations to investigate & never disappoints! The Ragged School Museum, a Grade II listed building once occupied by Dr Barnardo and is now a premier educational charity and museum. You will be joined by experienced paranormal investigators and a medium who will communicate with the paranormal at one of London’s most active & haunted locations. We have already had at previous visits; an apparition, a giggle from a child, voices recorded through a spirit box and also independently on a mobile phone! On our most recent visit we had great table tipping results. The video for this can be found on our Facebook page: Fright Nights London.

Join Fright Nights London for what is sure to be an interesting evening!

The Ragged School Ghost Hunt includes:-

  • Ghost Hunting Vigils in the dark
  • A chance to use paranormal equipment
  • Experiments including seances, glass divination & table tipping
  • Refreshments & snacks
  • Expert advice and discussion about the paranormal
  • Your chance to ghost hunt in a haunted museum at night!

The Ragged School Museum is a characteristic building with a fascinating past. Situated in a Grade II Victorian warehouse by the Regent’s canal in London’s Mile End, the building was occupied by Dr. Barnardo from 1877 to 1908 during which time it operated as London’s largest free school for poor or ‘ragged’ children.

These canal-side warehouses, built in 1872, were once used to store lime juice and general provisions. They are now the only mid-Victorian canal-side warehouses left in Tower Hamlets.

In 1868, Thomas Barnardo started a ragged school at Hope Place, Limehouse. Ragged schools were free schools for poor children. Due to demand, in 1876, Dr Barnardo rented two warehouses (now 46 Copperfield Road) and converted them into the Copperfield Road Ragged School for children aged 5-10 years. Here poor local children received a free education, breakfast, dinner and help finding their first job.

Each floor was made into a big classroom with a fireplace, and the loopholes (warehouse doors) were replaced by windows. The basement became the playground.

In 1908, the London County Council condemned all the Copperfield Road buildings as unsuitable for the education of children so the day school was shut down.

After 1915, 46 and 48 Copperfield Road were divided up. 48 Copperfield Road was used as a factory until 1983, with the last occupant making motorcycle leathers. 46 Copperfield Road was used by Jewish clothing manufacturers, rag merchants, furniture makers, linen dealers and finally as a government surplus warehouse.

Although only one hundred and thirty years old, the previous uses of the buildings seems to have left their mark. Over the last seventeen years there have been reports from visitors and staff alike, ranging from feeling apprehensive in parts of the building to the sounds of phantom footsteps.

We have unique access to the whole building including its most haunted areas. During the event you will be taking part in an exclusive history and hauntings tour, using ghost hunting equipment and undertaking ghost hunting vigils with our paranormal investigators and clairvoyant medium. Hot drinks and biscuits are also provided.

You will be staying in one of the most haunted locations in Britain so we encourage you to bring cameras, camcorders and other recording equipment, you may be lucky enough to capture something truly paranormal!

Please note: Over 18s only – no pregnant women allowed and attendees must be reasonably fit. Parking is available onsite. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions


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