Fort Horsted Ghost Hunt- New dates for 2019!

booknow Join Fright Nights London at Fort Horsted for an evening at one of Kent’s most haunted & unique locations. An incredible labyrinth of tunnels and buildings said to be haunted by very active spirits awaits you! As seen on the hit TV show “Ghost Adventures”!

During the mid 1800s there was considerable alarm in the United Kingdom generated by the territorial ambitions of France and Germany. To increase Chatham’s defences it was recommended that five forts should be constructed around the town.

Work started on Fort Horsted which is the largest of the five, in 1880 using a convict labour force from the newly constructed Borstal prison and supervised by the Royal Engineers.

Constructed in the shape of a six sided arrow head, with each flank protected by machines guns in the counterscarp galleries, the Fort would have been home to a garrison of approximately 400 men and women.

However by the early 1990s the Fort was all but deserted, derelict and in much need of attention. The fort was put up for auction and purchased by Avondale who started started to run the fort as a business office while retaining its original historical features.

The Fort has had a local reputation for being very haunted and has now attracted the attention of Fright Nights London, Britain’s most popular and original ghost hunting company.

Its hauntings are numerous and said to include:

* A large, shaggy black dog seen wandering the tunnels * A little girl whose voice has been recorded by visitors * Shadowy figures witnessed in the tunnels * Areas so scary that security guards refuse to visit! * A negative energy that is said to make visitors feel uncomfortable, sickly and very nervous * Spectres of a mother and child seen walking the grounds in very old clothing

Fright Nights London are giving you the chance to uncover Fort Horsted’s history & take part in a real ghost hunt with paranormal investigators and mediums.

Please note: Over 18s only – no pregnant women allowed and attendees must be reasonably fit. Parking is available onsite. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions


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