BRAND NEW & EXCLUSIVE! Strawberry Hill House Ghost Hunt £59

Join us for our first event at Strawberry Hill House. This house is a beautiful work of art & much loved by its previous owners & sympathetically restored to its former glory.

The house was originally home to Horace Walpole, son of our first prime minister Sir Robert Walpole. Horace was born in 1717 & was a pivotal figure in 18th Century society. Horace was quite an eccentric character who wrote The Castle of Otranto in 1765, reportedly the world’s first ever gothic novel . The house is said to have provided much inspiration for the book.

He decided to convert his villa by adding turrets and cloisters & filled the house with paintings & designs from his travels. If he liked something, he either bought it or had it replicated. He also kept very detailed records of the renovations to the house which were used when restoring the house just over 10 years ago. They used the records to replicate the paint used for the walls & sourced special fabrics to keep the restoration as close to how Horace had the house before his death in 1797.

Famous for marrying four times and saving Strawberry Hill House from ruin, Lady Waldegrave was as empowered as she was eccentric – a worthy successor to Horace Walpole’s legacy.

Born in 1821, Lady Frances Waldegrave (née Braham) inherited Strawberry Hill House through marriage to John Waldegrave, the grandson and successor to Horace Walpole’s great niece, Elizabeth Waldegrave. Following John’s death in 1840 after just one year of marriage, Lady Waldegrave went on to marry his brother, George, the Seventh Earl Waldegrave, thereby maintaining her link with the House and title of Countess Waldegrave. 

Within seven months of this marriage George was sent to prison for ‘riotous behaviour’, a decision made by the Twickenham Bench that embittered George and resulted in his arrangement of the Great Sale in 1842, a reproach to the ingratitude of Twickenham. Walpole’s precious collection was dispersed worldwide and Strawberry Hill House was abandoned.

Yet after George’s death in 1846, Lady Waldegrave was left a substantial income, and ten years later, in 1856 after her third marriage to George Granville Harcourt, she put her ambitions to secure Strawberry Hill House’s future into action and expanded the House.

Marrying again in 1863, this time to Liberal Minister under Palmerston and Gladstone, Chichester Fortescue, Lady Waldegrave became a renowned hostess, entertaining the Prince & Princess of Wales and the Liberal establishment. When Lady Waldegrave held a party, contemporaries report traffic jams all the way from Twickenham Station.

Amongst the varied history of the house & reported hauntings,  does the spirit of a priest who plunged to his death on the staircase still haunt here?

This gothic castle really has to be seen to be believed & we cannot wait to get investigating when it closes its’ doors at night!

Our Strawberry Hill Ghost Hunt includes:

  • Mediumship walkround – who haunts tonight?
  • Use of Ghost Hunting Equipment
  • Psychic Experiments including seances and glass divination
  • Ghost Hunting Vigils – in the pitch black!
  • Hot Drinks and Snacks
  • Expert advice and discussion about the paranormal Your chance to ghost hunt in a haunted location whilst closed to the public!

The night begins with a tour of the building with our psychic medium who will relay to you their senses and feelings about the location, but also will encourage the ghosts and spirits of the location to communicate! You will then be split into small vigil groups in the most haunted areas of the location where you will use ghost hunting equipment or try our psychic experiments such as glass moving or table tipping! Activities are provided throughout the event with the hope of experiencing paranormal activity in one of the most historic & unusual buildings in London. Full use of Ghost Hunting and Psychic equipment will be provided as well as hot refreshments through the event.

Please note: Over 18s only – no pregnant women allowed and attendees must be reasonably fit. Parking is available in the house car park. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions



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