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Category: London Ghost Hunts

Avenue House Ghost Hunt – £55

  Avenue House is famed for its paranormal activity and links with the shadowy Knights Templar. Its rooms hide a terrible secret and what about the dark, labyrinth-like cellars? Our Avenue House Ghost Hunt is a genuine ghost hunt experience in one of London's most haunted houses. What awaits you in its cellars? Join Fright Nights London to find...  Read More »

Category: London Ghost Hunts

Charlton House Ghost Hunt – £55 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL

What secrets lie behind the bones of a child found during renovations? Join us on an investigation on this beautiful house built over 400 years ago for Sir Adam Newton, tutor to Prince Henry, son of James I. Join Fright Nights London for our overnight investigation on the most feared night of the year at Charlton House! Our Charlton...  Read More »

Category: London Ghost Hunts

Geffrye Museum **EXCLUSIVE LOCATION** Ghost Hunt £55

With reports of spirits and ghosts seen in the chapel & basement, what will our investigation uncover? Join Fright Nights London at this exclusive location; the Geffrye Museum. We are the only company allowed to do a ghost hunt at this unique & beautiful museum located in Shoreditch. We will also have access to the basement; the...  Read More »

Category: London Ghost Hunts

Fort Horsted Ghost Hunt £55

Join Fright Nights London at Fort Horsted for an evening at one of Kent’s most haunted & unique locations. An incredible labyrinth of tunnels and buildings said to be haunted by very active spirits awaits you! As seen on the hit TV show “Ghost Adventures”! During the mid 1800s there was considerable alarm in the United Kingdom generated...  Read More »

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Valence House Museum Ghost Hunt £49

With the murder of lady Valence as one of the key points in its history, what will we find when we visit Valence House for the first time? Join Fright Nights London on our first event here at Valence House Museum, a house that dates back to the 1400's and is still surrounded partially by a moat! Agnes De Valence lived at Valence House until...  Read More »

Category: London Ghost Hunts

Ragged School Museum £59

Is this London's most haunted location? The Ragged School Museum, a Grade II listed building once occupied by Dr Barnardo and is now a premier educational charity and museum. You will be joined by experienced paranormal investigators and mediums who will communicate with the paranormal at one of London’s most active & haunted locations. We...  Read More »