Feedback from some of our customers at previous events

Had an absolutely fantastic evening at the bell pub last night on the 130th anniversary of one of Jack the rippers murders. There was lots of activity and the time went so quick. I totally recommend going on a ghost hunt with these guys and will definitely be going on another, the question is…where! Thanks guys, a really memorable evening x (Bell Pub September 2018)

This was my first ever investigation and was surprised to get the response that I did from a little girl name ally using the EMF meter was a fun night recommend this to both believers and sceptics because you will have fun either way (Fort Horsted March 2018)

My first ghost hunt at Valence House with fright nights and I can’t recommend it enough. The team are so friendly and welcoming and it is just so worth doing at least once! So much activity and facts about the house that I never knew! Please come back soon (Valence House Museum February 2018)

Fantastic night! Can’t wait to do another with you guys. Thank you! (Avenue House March 2017)

Really enjoyed the night & will defo see you on another investigation (Avenue House March 2017)

Had a brilliant time and already looking at other events to go to. Really interested in the Ragged School (Avenue House March 2017)

It was a good experience and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The shadowing experience I had was the first time I experienced anything like that. It was as though someone else’s feelings were flooding through me & I couldn’t stop it. Having someone else’s fear running through me because they had a desperate need to escape as they felt someone was coming. Sadly I had to leave the room as I am being shadowed & I was too sensitive. It wasn’t until after I was told that the energy in the room was of people who were trying to escape from invaders, woman & children in fear of being killed. (Avenue House March 2017)

Fantastic night, great company. Massive thanks to Fright Nights London & medium Ian Doherty (Charlton House February 2017)

We had a great night last night. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you (Charlton House February 2017)

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the night and we would definitely attend another one at Charlton House. We had a few interesting things happen to us! (Charlton House February 2017)

Thank you for a great night! Will definitely be joining you guys on other investigations (Charlton House February 2017)

Thank you so much for a great evening it sure was interesting & having things happen to me was awesome. Definitely will be on your other events (Charlton House February 2017)

It was a very good night at the Ragged School, the guests were interactive throughout the night, a lot of personal experiences, footsteps, talking & whistles were all heard & hopefully recorded as EVP. It was well organised and well run – well done the guests & team (Ragged School January 2017)