Feedback from some of our customers at recent events

Fantastic night! Can’t wait to do another with you guys. Thank you! (Avenue House March 2017)

Really enjoyed the night & will defo see you on another investigation (Avenue House March 2017)

Had a brilliant time and already looking at other events to go to. Really interested in the Ragged School (Avenue House March 2017)

It was a good experience and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The shadowing experience I had was the first time I experienced anything like that. It was as though someone else’s feelings were flooding through me & I couldn’t stop it. Having someone else’s fear running through me because they had a desperate need to escape as they felt someone was coming. Sadly I had to leave the room as I am being shadowed & I was too sensitive. It wasn’t until after I was told that the energy in the room was of people who were trying to escape from invaders, woman & children in fear of being killed. (Avenue House March 2017)

Fantastic night, great company. Massive thanks to Fright Nights London & medium Ian Doherty (Charlton House February 2017)

We had a great night last night. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you (Charlton House February 2017)

Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the night and we would definitely attend another one at Charlton House. We had a few interesting things happen to us! (Charlton House February 2017)

Thank you for a great night! Will definitely be joining you guys on other investigations (Charlton House February 2017)

Thank you so much for a great evening it sure was interesting & having things happen to me was awesome. Definitely will be on your other events (Charlton House February 2017)

It was a very good night at the Ragged School, the guests were interactive throughout the night, a lot of personal experiences, footsteps, talking & whistles were all heard & hopefully recorded as EVP. It was well organised and well run – well done the guests & team (Ragged School January 2017)